The adoration chapel at St. Cecelia’s in Beaverton was desecrated by someone who came and stole the Eucharist, and also the tabernacle.  Small blessing in that the usual parade of people who hate Catholics have not begun commenting on the story, which usually happens when anything Catholic is mentioned in the Oregonian. has an excellent article. The CCC notes in section 2425 that socialism is a totalitarian ideology. We have a president with a socialist ideology. We are now seeing that totalitarianism playing out in the manipulation of the media, the persecution of the opposition by means of the IRS, and government officials providing false testimony to Congress.
Let’s be very clear. We now live in a totalitarian state. We elected it ourselves. Half the country doesn’t care. In fact, they approve of it. They participate in it. The real shame is that Catholics made the difference in voting for our current totalitarian administration, which is now seeking to oppress Catholics.

Lay Catholics

Lay Catholics logoWhat would the Catholic Church’s judgement be on an agency or government that exercised political control of opinion and repressed things they considered thought crimes?  Based on a reading of CCC 2499 the Church would consider such an agency or government part of, or a totalitarian state.  See Catechism of the Catholic Church in section 2499 below:

CCC 2499 “Moral judgment must condemn the plague of totalitarian states which systematically falsify the truth, exercise political control of opinion through the media, manipulate defendants and witnesses at public trials, and imagine that they secure their tyranny by strangling and repressing everything they consider “thought crimes.”

It has been reported that employees inside the IRS have allegedly intimidated individuals like Catholic professor, Dr. Anne Hendershott (read here) because of what she thinks and repressed the applications of several groups that are considered to be conservative who applied for 501c…

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Great News!  Parents in Portland went to the Portland school board meeting and protested the presence of Planned Parenthood in their schools!  The same thing is happening there.  They had a great turnout.  You can read about it here:

Let’s keep up the momentum in Salem!  We had about ninety people at last month’s meeting.  Let’s get a hundred and fifty to this month’s meeting to continue our efforts to get Planned Parenthood out of our schools!  The school board meeting is on Tuesday, December 11 at 6 PM.  It’s located at 2575 Commercial Street SE, Salem, OR 97302.  You’ll be glad you went.  Your friends will be glad you got them to go too.  

I was drinking my morning coffee and viewing a photo essay on the CNN website about South Sudan.

Their extreme poverty and lack of infrastructure is affecting them in the wake of their war of independence from Sudan.  The photos show victims of famine and disease, with a 13 year old being buried, and malnourished children being examined by medical personnel.  But I kept getting pop up ads.  I don’t usually read them, but I couldn’t help but notice one was for women’s shoes that could probably feed a family for a month or more.  Then the next one was an ad for Subway sandwiches that you had to close before continuing on to the picture.  And the picture was of malnourished children.  That’s just so sick and wrong.