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So what would happen if President Obama refuses to step down after the election?  His polling numbers are horrible.  He has alienated Catholics by forcing them to violate their consciences.  He needs Catholics on his side to win the election, yet he has ensured that they will vote against him.  Yet he seems to be unconcerned about this.  By taking a stand against allowing Catholics to live their faith, he seeks to impose legal penalties on Catholic institutions.  Furthermore, he wants to destroy the Second Amendment by defining for religious institutions what their religious duties are, rather than allowing them to define those for themselves.

On the one hand, if he continues on this path, Catholics will not support him and he will lose.  If he loses, then the contraception mandate will die.  So he has nothing to gain by standing behind it, and everything to lose, and it would be a futile defeat for him.  On the other hand, if he drops the contraception mandate, he might get enough support from liberal Catholics to squeak through in November.  Again, he does not do this.

I predict one of two things.  Either he will use dropping the contraception mandate as an October surprise to sway support his way just prior to voting, and then enforce it anyway.  He has a history of making false promises.  He had promised that Catholics would be allowed to practice their faith by not including contraception and abortion in healthcare reform.  He then included it.  He promised a compromise that turned out to be anything but.  So if he does this, and anyone believes him, they are fools.

The other alternative is that he has no intention of stepping down after losing the election.  He doesn’t care about the Catholic vote because he doesn’t care about the vote.  He’ll manufacture an accusation of voting fraud or some sort of crisis to provide a thin justification for staying in power, and then ditch the constitution.  It’s not far-fetched.  Democrats have already proposed something similar.

If this happens, will the federal bureaucracy support him?  No doubt portions will.  The states will need to stand against it.  Some no doubt will support him.  The military will be fragmented with some officers supporting him, others not, and the enlisted ranks placed in a dilemma, and likely facing high desertion rates.  To oppose will be dangerous.  To acquiesce will be even more dangerous.  Let’s hope he just loses the election and goes on to write more lies in his memoirs.



Nice article about proportionate response to the threat of oppressive government.  As a Catholic facing our current administration’s hostility to and aggression towards Catholicism, one must be very careful.  We must take care to exercise every legal avenue to end our current persecution while it remains relatively mild.  It could easily take a violent turn against us, however, and we need to be prepared for that as well.  We should have a plan to get out.  If we can’t get out, and I doubt I’ll be in a position to do that, we should be ready to defend ourselves.  The act of self-defense can give the aggressor pause, and mitigate one’s circumstances.  

Using the example of the Cristero War in Mexico, the Cristeros negotiated a peace.  They did not end the persecution of Catholics, but they mitigated it, and ended in a less intolerable situation where they would at least live in peace, despite legal fetters placed on the Church. One does not need total victory, although that is preferable.  One can settle for being left alone.  Right now, we Catholics want to be left alone by the federal government, and not be told how we must practice our faith.  The government wants to define our faith for us.  Obviously, that’s impossible.  Because this is impossible, they may at some point try to eliminate us.  We can’t ignore that possibility.  Every genocide in history was considered unlikely.  Yet it happens.  It can happen here in the U.S.  Every genocide in history was either denied or excused by the perpetrators.  Right now the federal government is denying and excusing its treatment of Catholics.  It’s only a small step to shipping us off to prison, and then acts of violence against those who resist that.  We need to pray, and be prepared.


The American Catholic.

Nice interview with Tim Drake and Pablo Jose Barroso, who produced For Greater Glory, a new movie about the Cristero Warn in Mexico.  Even many Mexicans have not heard of this event, because it is not taught in their schools.  I have met Mexican Catholics who have never heard of it.

The bishops have noted the silence of the press about their lawsuit against the government regarding the contraception mandate.  I see parallels between this silence, and the silence of the secular historians and educational establishment.  When one abandons truth for falsehood, it’s difficult to allow the truth to be heard, because it stands witness to the falsehood one is now wedded to.


This guy needs to have his ass kicked every day for the rest of his life.  Same with the women.  It appears he averaged almost three per woman.  Eleven women.  And this, despite the fact that he couldn’t support any of them.  This is what the welfare state has brought us.

I thought I was pro-life but God told me I had the ‘spirit of abortion’ |

Nice article about how the idea that children are a burden creeps up on people without them even knowing it.  Children are not a burden.  They are a joy to have.  The idea that they are a burden is born of selfishness.  What should happen if someone thinks that you are a burden?  Should you be “prevented”?  Of course not.  Do we treat our co-workers in an unwelcome manner?  Most people don’t because they want to get along with their co-workers.  If someone treats their co-workers in an unwelcome manner, we generally think there is something wrong with that person.  So why do we tolerate this attitude with out own flesh and blood, created out  of love between a husband and wife? There’s something wrong with that attitude as surely as there is something wrong with treating co-workers as unwanted.