Monthly Archives: July 2012

I can’t believe we still give money to these people.  I make sure that when they come to my parish I don’t give them a dime.  You shouldn’t either.


The judge in a gay marriage lawsuit in Illinois is an open practicing lesbian, who belongs to a gay advocacy group.  
And she hasn’t recused herself yet?  Of course she hasn’t!  Because gay marriage is not about justice.  It’s about forcing Christians out of public life.  We will be required to call something a marriage that we clearly cannot call a marriage.  When we refuse to call it a marriage, we’ll have all manner of legal sanctions thrown at us, and we’ll be relegated to second class citizen status.  That’s why it doesn’t matter if there is a conflict of interest to the homosexual advocates.  It’s not about justice.  It’s a matter of winning, and so stacking the odds by making a member of your team the referee is considered perfectly acceptable.