Zombie Elimination Crew

Awesome video from a firearms supply and accessory company!


As I lay here sick in bed, I realize this is the first time I’ve had time to post something here in quite a while.  Between all of the things I need to do every day, there just hasn’t been time.  And this brings me to one of the benefits of homeschooling:  You’re not exposed to all of the annoying little viruses that float around.  We have stopped homeschooling this year, and sent the kids to public school.  Now the kids are bringing home all of the viruses they were never exposed to.  This is our third bout of illness since school started.  This one is nasty.  My wife called and said they were sick.  I could tell from the sound of her voice, that they were REALLY sick, so I came home early to take care of them.  It was a nasty viral gastroenteritis.  Vomiting and diarrhea.  As is usually the case, I was the last one to get it.  Even though I wore a mask and washed my hands frequently, it didn’t stop it.  One by one, they dropped, and then I dropped.  

When the zombie plague comes and our civilization is wiped out, the homeschoolers will survive.  They’ll be at home doing their school work, and be completely insulated from the virus.  Dad will leave for work one day, and notice that there are zombies, but he needs his paycheck so he’ll keep working at his desk.  He’ll loot the gun store on the way home, and blast his way back into the house.  

“How was your day honey?”

“It was nice.  I got a lot of work done because the phones weren’t ringing today.  I had to shoot some zombies in the front yard.  The kids need to remember to close the front gate”

“They weren’t out in the front yard today.  Are you sure you closed it when you left?  I’ll check next time.  Can you help Timmy with his math?”


And so it will go until all that remains of civilization are a bunch of homeschoolers.  

Last week I went out to dinner with my wife.  As we were deciding where to go out for dinner, I suggested an italian restaurant we had been to about a year ago.  I had a really good memory of the place.  But then my wife reminded me that neither of us were really satisfied with our food.  It really wasn’t very good italian food.  But I wanted to go there again.  I think the reason I like the place was because I was there with my wife.  She makes even eat at a restaurant a good place to be simply because she is there with me.


It appears communist authorities have compelled villagers in Vietnam to take the tabernacle, crucifix, and Marian imagery out of their church, and put up pictures of Ho Chi Minh.  The story also states:

On the following day, authorities dismantled the bell of the chapel after local Catholics refused to do it. The bell was also taken to the lay leader’s house.

A lay leader said authorities told parishioners that the building was to be used “for village activities, not for worship.”

I can only assume the Obama administration is very envious of the Vietnamese authorities.