More on How We Can Become China

A couple of days ago I posted about the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act, and how it called the penalty it imposes for not purchasing health insurance a “tax”.  It was my position that any behavior can then be forced on American Citizens, up to an including forced contraception and abortion by imposing impossible taxes in order to regulate behavior.  I compared it to China’s forced abortions.  Actually, this is precisely how this works in China.  They call it the “social maintenance fee” for having additional children past the one allowed, and it is impossible to pay.  The Economist has a relevant article, that is rather frightening in its implications for the U.S.  It can be found at

The article states “The fine for having extra children is known as the “social maintenance fee”. Mr He estimates the government has collected over 2 trillion yuan ($314 billion) in such fees since 1980. Failure to pay means the second “black” child cannot obtain a household-registration document, or hukou, which brings with it basic rights such as education. The amount of the fine varies from place to place. A husband and wife in Shanghai will each pay 110,000 yuan ($17,300), three times the city’s average annual post-tax income, for a second child. The fine increases with income. The rich can shell out millions.”

Can you imagine a “tax” of $100,000 head tax, with a tax credit of $110,000 for being surgically sterilized the first year, with a $100,000 tax credit for subsequent years?  According to the Supreme Court, this would be allowable.  If you don’t get sterilized, you would pay $100,000 every year, and if you did get sterilized, the government would pay you $10,000 and then leave you alone every year after that.  This is Margaret Sanger’s dream come true.  

This is how Satan works.  He offers you a lesser, perverted version of an absolute good, and makes it more attractive than the absolute good to convince people to abandon that good.  With abortion, he has worked through Planned Parenthood to make “health care” the sought after goal.  Only, it’s a perverted  version of health care.  It is only masquerading as health care.  It takes a normally functioning body, and destroys those functions through hormonal and surgical alterations.  And in exchange for a perverted version of the relative good of health care, we give up the absolute good of life by calling babies an evil, and killing them.  

Now the federal government, thanks to the ruling on the Affordable Care Act, has a way to force this decision on who see’s through Satan’s smoke and mirrors.  Let’s pray that this never happens.


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