This is How They Will Turn Us Into China

The Supreme Court has now ruled that people can be “taxed” for not buying health insurance and this even though the government didn’t argue that it was a tax.  The rule of law has now been destroyed in our country.  The natural result will be tyranny.

So now you can be “taxed” for what you do, and taxed for what you don’t do.  There is nothing that can’t be “taxed”, and nothing stopping the government from imposing impossible “taxes” on those they want to control in order to direct their behavior against their will.  The government has been given the power to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, to whoever it wants.  Government power has now been made absolute.  This is the worst of all outcomes.

Ultimately, the “environmentalists” will persuade the government to limit family size.  They won’t prohibit extra children.  They will tax childbirth.  They will tax the failure to purchase and use artificial contraceptives.  They will tax the refusal to obtain an abortion.  They will tax whatever behavior they want to limit.  They will make the tax impossible to pay, and either jail those who don’t pay, or use physical force to obtain compliance.  The Supreme Court has mangled the Constitution and given them permission to do this.

This is more oppressive than the Dred Scott decision.  This will take the oppression of the unborn by Roe vs. Wade to an entirely new level.  It will add the oppression of the parents on top of it.


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