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Below is the text of a Yahoo news commentary, with my comments.  It’s the usual bigoted socialist talking points derived from unexamined negative stereotypes contained in liberal agitprop.  What surprises me is that Yahoo is buying into this.

6/3/12 The Catholic Church is Dangerous, Outdated, and Should Dissolve – Yahoo! News

The Catholic Church is Dangerous, Outdated, and Should
By Andrew Riggio | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Fri, Jun 1, 2012
COMMENTARY | The Catholic Church is hammering so many nails into its own coffin that even an outside observer like me is left shaking his head at the ridiculous behavior of its leadership. The Vatican (generally meaning “the Pope”) is angry with nuns for their behavior, and Cardinal Dolan from the New York Archdiocese is embroiled in yet another pedophile priest scandal. Let’s look at how the two situations prove the Catholic Church is on its last legs.

This man knows nothing about Church history.  The Church has had to address heresy before, and it will find the need to do so again.  And as long as there are homosexuals pretend to be faithful Catholics and obtain ordination, the Church will need to deal with the consequences of the homosexualist infiltration.  But let’s be real here.  The purpose of this article is to distract the reader from the complete failure of the Obama administration and the fact that they now need a whipping boy to punish for their own failings.  They are dealing with their own dissidents who disagree with Obama’s actions, as evidenced by the fact that a convicted, imprisoned criminal got more votes in the West Virginia Democratic primary than Obama.  They are also dealing with their own sex abuse scandal with the Secret Service.  This is psychological projection.  They are trying to pin their own failings on  the Catholic Church.

Starting close to home we have Cardinal Dolan’s little fiasco. It just came to light he might have been part of a plan to pay off child-molesting priests 20 grand each to leave the priesthood quietly, according to a CNN report. The alleged reason was to hide the pedophiles’ actions and avoid lawsuits by paying them hush money. If it were anyone buy clergy committing these acts my guess is that mass arrests would have already been made. Another CNN report talks about the Vatican’s recent attack on American nuns. The statement from Rome says they have gone rogue and have become radical feminists. The reason? The Pope thinks they should spend less time supporting social justice and more time opposing same-sex marriage, abortion, and euthanasia.

Really?  I don’t think so.  Rather, it’s that they should spend more time promoting social justice and less time supporting same-sex marriage, abortion, and euthanasia.  The issue is that the nuns are heretics who are promoting things that are directly opposed to Catholic teaching.  The Church supports social justice.  Abortion and euthanasia are murder, and the Church opposes that, and the nuns oppose the Church.  Same sex marriage is an impossibility.  It’s simply not capable of happening because two people of the same sex can’t have a marriage, no matter what they might want to call their relationship.  The nuns in question defy Catholic teaching on marriage.  That’s the issue.  Because they ignore Catholic teaching, the Church has rightly addressed that issue.  The writer thinks he has done some sort of tricky judo flip to turn the tables and say that the Church actually opposes social justice.  He has embarrassed himself, failing miserably because his opponent isn’t standing just-so in order for him to do the tricky move and impress all his friends.

The Vatican is enforcing sanctions against the nuns, taking punitive action to get them back in line. The Pope is essentially telling each of these nuns, “Shut up and get back in the kitchen where you belong, woman.” Apparently in the mind of the Pope social justice just isn’t a big deal.

I thought social justice included things like feeding the poor.  In that case, the kitchen is a nice place for anyone, male or female, to be.  Oh, wait…  I get it now.  The writer defines social justice as smothering grandpa with a pillow so we don’t need to change is Depends, and ripping children apart with forceps and dragging them out of their home in the womb piece by piece.  I’m so sorry I forgot that murder is true social justice.  Oh, yeah.  One more thing.  Supporting recognition of people who stick their genitals into the terminal ends of the digestive tract because as a couple they lack complementary genitalia also count as a social justice cause.  We can’t tolerate people who will not celebrate physically harmful sexual practices.  Public denunciation of the fact that my wife and I have eight children is also in order because sex has absolutely nothing to do with reproduction.  Gotcha.  I understand now.

It’s possible that Dolan was trying to protect the institution of the Church with his actions. If so he and his Church are broken. I don’t care how loyal he is to the Church — it should be instantly obvious that the well-being of a child rape victim is more important than an organization. Normal people can’t stand the idea of letting child rapists off the hook.

It’s interesting that he didn’t care about this until Obama wanted to persecute the Catholic Church.  This happened ten years ago at the height of the sex abuse scandal.  It’s old news.  He’s writing as if they did this last week.  He’s also ignoring the fact that this was done to speed their removal from the archdiocese.  It’s common in employment situations to agree to pay an employee to give up their employment rights and avoid costly litigation.  That’s what happened here.  It’s a lie to call it letting them off the hook.  It was a way of speeding their removal.  

It’s possible the Pope thinks he’s making the right decision biblically — and he might be correct. If so, his scripture is broken. It’s ancient mythology that treats women like property. It’s making him think social justice is irrelevant. The Catholic Church is out of touch with reality and cares little for social justice and women’s rights. Any religion so broken should dissolve and give its adherents a chance to live better lives without it.

Ah, I see now.  Because a belief is old, it’s not worthy of respect.  If it’s new, it must be good.  I think all of those single mothers out there cursing the name of the deadbeat dad with every late child support check might have something to say about how the modern world treats women.  Oh, wait, it’s their fault because they didn’t kill the little kid like social justice demands.
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  1. servo said:

    The Yahoo article reads like a crappy high school essay. One of the many downsides of the internet; at least in the old days there were some barriers to entry for people who wanted to have their opinions printed publicly.

  2. Your right about that. It certainly doesn’t speak well for those who hold such viewpoints. But not everyone on the internet reads at a college level, and not everyone has critical thinking skills. For all of the people who see the holes in the article, there will be just as many people who read it and take it at face value, believing every claim it makes and adopting the attitude of the writer. That’s the real problem. Propaganda works, and this allows evil to spread.

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