What If……

So what would happen if President Obama refuses to step down after the election?  His polling numbers are horrible.  He has alienated Catholics by forcing them to violate their consciences.  He needs Catholics on his side to win the election, yet he has ensured that they will vote against him.  Yet he seems to be unconcerned about this.  By taking a stand against allowing Catholics to live their faith, he seeks to impose legal penalties on Catholic institutions.  Furthermore, he wants to destroy the Second Amendment by defining for religious institutions what their religious duties are, rather than allowing them to define those for themselves.

On the one hand, if he continues on this path, Catholics will not support him and he will lose.  If he loses, then the contraception mandate will die.  So he has nothing to gain by standing behind it, and everything to lose, and it would be a futile defeat for him.  On the other hand, if he drops the contraception mandate, he might get enough support from liberal Catholics to squeak through in November.  Again, he does not do this.

I predict one of two things.  Either he will use dropping the contraception mandate as an October surprise to sway support his way just prior to voting, and then enforce it anyway.  He has a history of making false promises.  He had promised that Catholics would be allowed to practice their faith by not including contraception and abortion in healthcare reform.  He then included it.  He promised a compromise that turned out to be anything but.  So if he does this, and anyone believes him, they are fools.

The other alternative is that he has no intention of stepping down after losing the election.  He doesn’t care about the Catholic vote because he doesn’t care about the vote.  He’ll manufacture an accusation of voting fraud or some sort of crisis to provide a thin justification for staying in power, and then ditch the constitution.  It’s not far-fetched.  Democrats have already proposed something similar.


If this happens, will the federal bureaucracy support him?  No doubt portions will.  The states will need to stand against it.  Some no doubt will support him.  The military will be fragmented with some officers supporting him, others not, and the enlisted ranks placed in a dilemma, and likely facing high desertion rates.  To oppose will be dangerous.  To acquiesce will be even more dangerous.  Let’s hope he just loses the election and goes on to write more lies in his memoirs.



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